OUR STORY In the summer of 2017, Nathan Clemes asked himself, how can I create functional drinks that aren’t packed with sugar, caffeine, and other additives?...

…what followed was the discovery of Africa’s 10,000 year old functional superfruit, the baobab.

This realisation led our founder, Nathan, to leave his job in finance and plan a trip to Kenya to discover one of Africa’s best kept secrets. Many of Africa’s tribes, including the famed Hadza’s in Tanzania, have been relying on the incredible baobab fruit as a source of nutrition and energy for millennia.

Naturally high in fibre, vitamin C, antioxidants and a long list of other nutrients, the baobab fruit is one of the most nutrient-dense in nature and has proven its worth for over 10,000 years.



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Baobab is probably the world’s only true superfruit. It has 5x more fibre than oats, and because of its unique natural properties, when we make our drinks all of the nutrients are retained

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Indigenous African tribes have superior gut health to many of us in the UK. In 2017 the BBC did a documentary about Tanzania’s Hadza tribe and how their close connection to the baobab fruit mean they have “the most diverse human gut microbiomes on the planet”

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Baobab trees cannot be farmed, which means their fruit is naturally organic. Our baobab fruit is sustainably harvested from wild trees in Zimbabwe, with proceeds from fruit sales going towards baobab tree conservation and supporting local communities



“Grown in the wild and picked by hand, the baobab is Africa’s most legendary superfruit”




Baobab is high in fibre, vitamin C and antioxidants. It’s been known to improve energy levels, support your gut health and maintain a healthy immune system.

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Did you know that baobab contains over 50% fibre? Of this, roughly two thirds of the fibre is soluble and one third insoluble, making baobab a powerful prebiotic!

Just two spoonfuls of baobab fruit powder (10-15 grams) makes up 15-25% of your recommended daily intake of fibre!

Take a natural boost for a hectic day

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The sale of baobab products plays a vital role in supporting communities across Africa. Our goal is to help build a sustainable industry for baobab fruit and the communities across Africa who benefit from the sale of the fruits. To do so, we do three things:

  • We make sure to purchase baobab fruit from the best possible suppliers
  • We make sure to support the long term environmental health of baobab trees
  • We make sure to support the communities where our baobab fruit comes from

Our main supplier of baobab fruit, B’Ayoba, is based in Zimbabwe and is an African Baobab Alliance approved supplier. All of the B’Ayoba baobab fruit used in our drinks is certified organic and sustainably sourced by a network of over 4000 men and women across the country. Not only does our baobab fruit meet the stringent African Baobab Alliance quality standards, but B’Ayoba’s operations and practices are held to the highest ethical standards by the ABA.

We also want to go beyond what our suppliers do and how they operate, and try to make a direct impact. From an environmental perspective, this means planting more baobab trees. Why? Baobab trees are not damaged in any way through the harvesting of their fruit, but recent research has shown that over the long term climate change and environmental degradation will impact the ‘recruitment’ of new trees. To help make sure baobab trees thrive for the next 1000 years, we commit to making an annual donation to The Baobab Foundation’s Baobab Guardians program, which is specifically designed to plant and protect young baobab trees during their vulnerable early years.

Secondly, we know how important the role of selling baobab fruit plays in local communities, especially rural communities where there are often very few other income opportunities. We feel that one of the most effective ways we can help is through supporting access to education. Working with our supplier, we are able to identify and support the families who are most in need and pay the annual school fees for their children, which in Zimbabwe cost $45 per year. Similar to how we support the Baobab Guardians program, we commit to sending at least 10 kids to school each year (and hopefully many more!).

To find out more about how baobab fruit can make a real difference, please get in touch at hello@unrooteddrinks.com or visit the African Baobab Alliance website.

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