Reducing emissions: Life Cycle Assessment

A ‘Life Cycle Assessment’ or LCA is a methodology used to measure the actual and potential environmental impacts of all stages of a product’s supply chain. This includes everything from farming all the raw ingredients to final disposal of the glass bottle, or better known as “Cradle to Grave.” Unrooted is determined to make sure we are reducing our emissions at every step of our supply chain, so the LCA is a key tool we depend upon to understand our environmental impact. We can’t win a race without knowing where the starting line is!

Here at Unrooted we pride ourselves on transparency, and we firmly believe you can’t improve what you can’t measure.  An open LCA process will hold us to a quantitative figure that allows us to do just that. We set ourselves up for success when we can implement baseline expectations and communicate this with our suppliers, and customers. 

Ideally, every product we produce is in the scope of carbon emission measurability and tracking. But to start, we have implemented an in-depth analysis of our Mighty Ginger shot. This flavour is our most popular, out selling our next favourite flavour, Apple Cider Vinegar, by over 2x! It is important for us as a company to do this right, and this pilot study will help us scale the LCA to the whole business in a sustainable way that can be measured and improved upon year-on-year.

Performing this assessment annually will help create a supply chain based on ethical and sustainable practices and ensure that Unrooted doesn’t harm the planet or people as it grows. It will also give clarity and direction for our suppliers, our customers and ourselves to choose to do better.

If you have any doubts, queries, or just want to chat over anything sustainability, reach out to We love to hear from you and appreciate any feedback on how we can do better for you, the planet, and the product.

Reducing emissions: Life Cycle Assessment