We're giving the Marathon des Sables a baobab boost!

Marathon des Sables is a six day, 250 km ultramarathon held in the Sahara Desert that is thought to be the toughest foot race on Earth. 

Temperatures can peak at 50°C and day four of the race will see the participants race around 50 miles through barren wilderness.

Competitors are responsible for carrying their own food, medical kit and sleeping gear for the duration of the race.

When we heard one of the Unrooted community was taking part in the toughest foot race on the planet and they wanted to level up they're training with our baobab boosted goodies, how could we refuse?

So let's meet Alastair, the man taking on the challenge of a lifetime!

Alastair, tell us a little bit about yourself!

I'm 42 and live in Glasgow. I've got two boys who I have 50% of the time, they're 8 and 6 so quite intense and the extra energy is well needed!

I work in Supply Chain for a Whisky company which I really enjoy. I'm originally from Cheshire and moved to Glasgow when I was 16 though have also lived in London.

What got you into Ultra Marathons?

I find them useful both mentally and physically to keep me on my toes and they're also a great way to raise money for charity.

Why Marathon des Sables?

I've done the Marathon des Sables once before in 2010 and it is one of my few regrets in life - I don't feel I gave it my best shot in 2010 and have always wanted to go back to scratch the itch so to speak!

It's badged as "The toughest footrace on the planet" so why not?! Not many people get the opportunity to do it so I actually count myself quite lucky. It's expensive to enter so I really am quite fortunate to get the chance. Again it's a great opportunity to raise money for SAMH, a charity very close to my heart.

What drew you to Unrooted?

I'm very conscious of what I put into my body from an energy / well being perspective. I love ginger and ginger shots in general and Unrooted are the best on the market. Plus the baobab and all its added benefits have definitely helped to make a difference with my training.

What does your training regime look like?

A lot of running! This time round however I'm doing different types of running - with more cross country trail running to try and simulate running in the desert etc.

I'm also going to the gym more so am probably stronger and fitter than I've ever been and finally I'm much more prepared mentally.

How does Unrooted fit into your training?

I find the ginger shots really help me focus and have a clear mind, they really set me up for the day and give me great energy from the off.

The calming CBD shots I have been taking at night and the good gut range I typically take after a meal.

I do feel a lot more alive and with more energy. I'm much more conscious of what I put into my body now and Unrooted is definitely helping with this.

You can donate to Alastair through his JustGiving page