It may be recycling week however we believe recycling, reducing your waste and generally just having the planet’s back should be something we practice every day, week, month & year!

At Unrooted we keep creating a sensational planet at the centre of everything we do, from our infinitely recyclable and reusable bottles to being a Carbon Neutral business. So, we thought what better time than to give you our best tips and tricks when it comes to the 3 R’s - reduce, reuse, recycle.

Ultimately, we all need to reduce the waste we’re producing, try buying loose fruit and vegetables free from plastic wrap (spoiler alert: most of the time this stuff is cheaper too), invest in a reusable coffee cup and try buying items that have been made with recycled materials to avoid more new material needing to be created.

Our second R – Reuse, it’s so important in creating a better planet because no energy is needed to recycle it and you save it from going to landfill. And the good news is, our little glass bottles can be easily upcycled. Think cute jars for your spices, mini vases for some fresh flowers or even the perfect pot to take your salad dressing to work. So next time you go to throw something away or recycle it, have a think if you can get creative with it and give it a new lease of life.

Rule number 1 of recycling - make sure what you’re recycling can actually be recycled. If it can’t be recycled and it contaminates the rest of the load, there’s a high chance the rest of the load will go to landfill. So not only are you undoing all your good work, but you’re undoing the good work of others and we know you’re too nice to do a thing like that. A handy sentence to remember when knowing what can and can’t be recycled is lids on, films off. Plastic lids, like what you find on milk bottles can move through machinery and can stay on the bottle, however, plastic film can’t be recycled and can get tangled in the machines so be sure to bin those!

Also make sure all your tins and containers that you’re recycling are empty, clean, and dry to avoid contamination.

One of the biggest tips we can give you is to make recycling as easy as possible for yourself. But how? We hear you cry.

It’s super simple, try putting a basket in each room that is solely for recyclables. This way, when the laziness hits, you’ll have your recycling bin ready and waiting, rather than putting it in the rubbish and promising yourself you’ll sort it later but never do…

These seemingly small things really do make a difference when done collectively and consistently, let’s work towards a sensational planet together!